An Expert Locksmith Cracked This Old Vault Open Without The Code. How Did He Do It?

A vault may sound like a great investment when it comes to keeping your valuables safe, but anyone can tell you that with enough effort and a lot of determination – virtually any safe can be cracked eventually. Of course, some vaults are built stronger than others, so that’s where some help from your friendly neighborhood locksmith could really come in handy.

A particularly strong looking old vault was recently discovered, and the task of cracking it open was given to a master locksmith who goes by the name “Unkapier” on Imgur. The construction of the vault really intrigued him, and he immediately got to work on finding out what was hidden inside.

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The mystery vault happened to be built by a notoriously impenetrable safe manufacturer called the Mosler Safe Company. This didn’t deter Unkapier, however, and he started off the long process of cracking the old safe by first removing the red panel on its outside.

Once the outer panel was removed, he then gathered the rest of his safe-cracking tools. He began working on the vault’s solid brass combination dial, and even though he knew he had his work cut out for him, the anticipation of finding out what was inside motivated him now more than ever.

Somehow, he was eventually able to open up the vault door without putting in all that much effort. How he did it remains a mystery, but like any good magician, Unkapier keeps his secrets withheld from the public eye. In just a short amount of time, he was already making good progress on getting the old vault open completely.

After managing to get through the first door of the vault, he then located the metal locking mechanisms, which were surprisingly very sturdy even after all this time. The designers of this safe definitely had security in mind when they were making it!

Unkapier was excited to find that several numbers had been etched right into the door of the vault. Were they part of a combination code? It wouldn’t really matter anyway, since his expertise in safe-cracking was really all he needed to begin with.

He then turned his attention to the second door of the vault, which was also locked. At this point, he began to realize that the actual volume of the safe’s interior was much smaller than what he had originally anticipated. What could possibly be kept inside there?

The safe’s walls were much thicker than those of most modern-day vaults, so clearly whatever it was, it really needed to be protected.
Opening the second door didn’t take very long either, as Unkapier only needed to take note of the safe’s model number in order to easily penetrate through the second layer of the vault’s interior.

Inside, he found several drawers that seemed like ideal places to store items such as jewelry, important documents, or other treasured keepsakes. Before actually exploring the safe, Unkapier first snapped a photo of the lock that he had removed – just to share the excitement with all of his followers.

However, much to his dismay, the safe didn’t actually appear to contain anything at all. At least that’s what he thought at first, anyway…

There were still several small, ordinary-looking wooden boxes left to explore, and when he removed them from the safe, he noted that they felt particularly heavy. To his surprise, the boxes were actually filled with a few hundred dollars in cash and coins, the majority of it being in $2 bills – the rarest form of currency in the United States!

Unfortunately, their rarity still doesn’t make $2 bills worth a whole lot when it comes down to selling them. Collectors of rare currency are sure to have at least one $2 bill already in their collection.

While he may not have found bars of gold or rare jewels hidden within the old vault, Unkapier was still quite pleased with how his project had turned out. Putting his skills to the test has always been the most rewarding part for him, rather than whatever is actually inside of the safe that he’s cracking on that particular day.

It’s incredible to see how something that was locked down so tightly can still be opened with just some time, a lot of patience, and of course, the locksmithing ability of a guy like Unkapier!

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