4 Days After This Horse Gave Birth to Rare Twins, the Footage of Her Babies Swept the Internet

Horse twins are incredibly rare, so when one set was born in 2014, the world couldn’t wait to see them. As a result, after footage of the twin foals hit the internet just four days following their birth, people just had to see them for themselves.

Belgian draft horses are one of the most popular breeds of horses in the United States. Also known as Brabant horses, these steeds are among the strongest equines in the world. Yet despite their huge hooves and enormous stature, the animals apparently boast an extremely soft nature. The tallest horse in the world is also a Belgian draft. His name is Big Jake.

and he scales an impressive 82.75 inches. Big Jake isn’t the heaviest ever Belgian draft though. That honor actually belongs to Brooklyn Supreme, who weighed a whopping 3,200 pounds. In the past hundred years, in fact, European Belgian drafts have been bred to have heavier bodies. In the United States, however, these kinds of horses are taller with a slimmer frame.

But despite their differences, both varieties of the breed have proved to be excellent working horses. This in part is due to the large loads the majestic animals are able to haul. Working as pairs, the animals have been known to pull more than three times their combined body weight. Therefore, they make ideal agricultural and wagon horses. But while the breed is common, what is not so ordinary is Belgian draft horse twins.

In general, multiple births are not normal for horses at all. Only 15% of equine pregnancies will be twins, in fact, and the likelihood of both twins surviving birth is even more rare. For instance, of the twin pregnancies that make it to full term, only 15% will result in two living horses. It is extremely unusual for horses to give birth to twins, Jane Murray from the New Forest Pony Breeding and Cattle Society

To get both foals surviving to full pregnancy is a very rare feat indeed. This is because a mare’s placenta is unable to support two foals towards the end of her pregnancy. Horses are just not designed to carry twins, Murray added. The mother’s uterus is not large enough or well enough equipped to cope with them.

So when Robert Peesence posted a video of rare Belgian draft twins on YouTube, the online community flocked to watch it. On Peesence’s YouTube profile, he claims to post funny and amazing videos that showcase the ability and strength of Belgian draft horses. Peesence posted the video of the twins on April 2014 when the two baby horses were just four days old. The footage shows the pair of foals frolicking in their native Belgium with their mother at their sides.

and it didn’t take long for it to capture the Internet’s heart. The video opens with the foals and their mother in an idyllic green field. The two foals stay close to the adult as she gets some much-needed food. Then, as she grazes, the adorable babies start to suckle gently at their mom’s teat. Incidentally, it is likely that the Belgian draft-twins relied on their mother’s milk for the first three months of their lives. After that, most breeders began to wean their foals.

Some foals, however, may continue to feed on their mom’s milk until they are six months old. The footage continues as the twins begin testing out their legs. Foles can, of course, stand and walk within the first few hours of being born. This instinct is essential in nature so that the foals can run away from peril. So in the video, viewers can watch these guys gallop for one of the very first times. Throughout the extraordinary footage, the mother is never far from her two babies.

This is normal for mama horses, which can be extremely protective of their foals. In fact, after a mare has given birth to foals, no one can go near the mom and babies without risk, no matter how well they know them. With that said, it seemed that the mare in this video was particularly soft-natured. Later on in the footage, after all, a little girl pats her gently on the nose. The mom seems to relax in her presence.

and she doesn’t bat an eyelid when the child moves on to greet her twins, either. The little girl, who is about the same height as the foals, strokes one of the babies down its side before rubbing its nose. The twins clearly like the attention. Later on, one rolls around on its back as the child doles out yet more strokes. At the end of the near two-minute video, a man leads the mare from the field.

Her twins follow dutifully behind her as they presumably head back to their stable. It is likely they remained there until they were ready to be turned out to pasture. Since Peasants posted the heartwarming video on YouTube in 2014, it has garnered more than five million views and many of these viewers couldn’t resist sharing their thoughts in the comment section below. Such stunning twins! I’m glad to see them in good health, said one user.

Furthermore, the curiosity of the wonderful sight of two horse twins grazing was not lost on everyone. It is extremely rare that both foals are healthy and at a normal weight, one viewer observed. Normally, one dies and the other survives or dies, but this is an awesome rarity. The little twins will probably never realize just how exceptional they are, nor will they know that they are an internet sensation. But while most other horses are born solo,

they are no doubt content in the knowledge that they will always have each other.

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