Doomsday Shelters For The 1% Make Up The Largest Private Bunker Community

There are few things more stressful than the thought of an impending apocalypse. Having a plan for the end of the world may seem ridiculous, but for those who take it seriously, it’s a very real concern.

When you think of doomsday shelters, you may imagine small bunkers that people build in their own back yards. One company, however, is offering post-apocalyptic homes that cater to the richest of doomsday preppers.

These luxury facilities ensure that you’ll still be able to live your best life even after humanity as we know it has met its cruel fate… so long as you can afford it, that is!

Many people have very real fears and anxieties about the hypothetical end of the world. Considering all of the crazy things that happen on this planet (and beyond!) on a daily basis, it doesn’t seem too unrealistic.

As stressful as this kind of thinking can be, however, the vast majority of people probably don’t actively do much to prepare for the coming apocalypse. They’d probably justify their disengagement by arguing that there’s nothing we can do to stop it… right?

 Well, that’s not necessarily true. As it turns out, there is at least one thing that you can do to get yourself ready for the End of Days. In fact, one special service in particular has made it its business model, and you might not believe it when you hear what it is!

Weathering the apocalypse in style is the idea behind a company called the Vivos Group, which provides the ultra-rich with huge, heavily-fortified shelters that could protect them from zombies, nuclear holocaust, and everything in between.


While the individual shelters are amazing enough on their own, what’s even more impressive is the company’s newest development, called Vivos xPoint. It’s advertised as the single largest private shelter community in the world.


If you’re in this shelter when the apocalypse is on its way, don’t fret too much, because the company claims their structures can withstand a 500,000-pound blast! Better yet, up to 5,000 individuals can call it home at one time.


“This is the place you will want to be when the SHTF,” said Vivos Group in a statement, referring to the moment the proverbial “s***” hits the fan. You have to admit that it doesn’t get much worse than the literal end of the world…


The group only started providing tours of these bunkers in May 2017, and since then, they’ve sold more than 24 relatively smaller bunkers at the price of $25,000 each. And that’s just the beginning!


The Vivos xPoint is a different story altogether. According to the company, buyers are already choosing the decor inside their respective areas of the bunker, despite the fact that they don’t live there yet. Talk about being ahead of the game…


For their part, it’s a good thing that the Vivos xPoint is hitting the ground running, because the complex contains no fewer than 575 bunkers. Each one is constructed out of corrugated steel and hardened concrete.


These doomsday shelters weren’t always constructed like this. In fact, they weren’t even usually owned and operated by private corporations. Now, these underground insurance policies seem less like cramped bunkers and more like luxury living spaces.


These strange and intimidating buildings were originally built in 1942 in South Dakota. Explosives and other munitions were primarily stored in them, as their original purpose was to act as a military fortress.


Those first bunkers remained in use until 1967, when the structure was retired. Then, it was acquired by the Vivos group in 2016, which must have smelled an incredible business opportunity based on the existing building.


At that point, the Vivos Group gutted all of the facilities and restructured them into what the company described as the “ultimate shelter community.” Some would say the existence of such a structure is more necessary than ever…


As the threat of nuclear disaster from North Korea starts to seem more and more realistic, interest in these unbelievable shelters has spiked. People really feel the need for protection in the world’s current political climate, it seems…

This could also be attributed to growing concerns about the state of America’s economy and the fear that it could fall apart at any moment. Desperate times call for desperate measures, and these bunkers aren’t as extreme an answer as could be taken…

“People are now waking up to the threats that are all around us and seeking a viable Plan B solution,” said Vivos Group owner Robert Vicino. He added that the bunkers provided an “opportunity to come out on the other side of what may be an extinction-level event for everyone else.”


Though the bunkers don’t have air filtration or electricity, they do feature running water. However, a contractor for the Vivos Group itself could help you customize your bunker for an additional fee. Either way, you’d have to pay $1,000 per year for a 99-year lease, not to mention the up-front cost of $25,000 in addition to all the costs of renovation.

It’s estimated that each shelter costs about $22,000 to retrofit. Expenses include a hot water heater, plumbing, a septic system, electrical wiring, and of course, things like an escape hatch and a blast door seal. There’s also full-time staff on hand to offer support like maintenance and security.


You could spend anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 on modifications like energy storage and flooring. Each bunker is meant to fit up to 10 people comfortably with over a year’s worth of supplies, but some folks may want to get the deluxe treatment for only their immediate family.

For example, you could own a three-bedroom house with luxuries like a home theater and living room!

If you want a reservation to lease a bunker, you’ll have to go through the application process for a (fully refundable) $5,000 fee, which includes a background check and a site tour. You could even settle for a private sleeping pod in a space shared by 24 individuals at Vivos xPoint for just $5,000 each! So, would you do it?

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