After A Family Wheeled This Tire Into A Vet’s, Staff Saw The Helpless Creature Trapped Inside

Image: Facebook/Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center / Facebook/Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center

It’s not every day that a tire is wheeled into a vet’s office. So, when one family did just that, they no doubt raised some eyebrows. However, after the veterinary employees had noticed what exactly was trapped inside the wheel, they realized that they had a rather grave situation on their hands.

Image: Facebook/Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center

Specifically, the family and their tire had ended up at Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center, an animal clinic in Middletown, Connecticut. The center provides a number of services for local pets, including surgery and dentistry, as well as emergency 24-hour care for animals in need.

Image: Facebook/Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center

As a result, employees at the center are likely used to coming across creatures in all manner of sticky situations. However, one animal that the hospital treated in October 2017 may have been in the most perilous position yet. After a period of play, she had gotten her head stuck right inside the wheel – luckily, though, a human helper had noticed her predicament in the nick of time.

Image: Facebook/Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center

Unfortunately, though, neither the person who had first seen the creature, nor anyone else present at the scene, could free her themselves. As a result, they took the decision to simply transport the wheel – trapped animal and all – to Pieper Memorial. The family also called ahead so that the vets there knew what to expect once they arrived.

Image: Facebook/Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center

However, the forewarning did little to temper the center staff’s shock when the animal arrived. “We didn’t know how she was stuck – or how big of a tire it was,” Jesse Ferguson, marketing manager at Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center, told The Dodo in November 2017. “It was a surprise [therefore] when they walked into the lobby with a full-sized car tire.”

Image: Facebook/Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center

It may even have been the case that the tire looked particularly large by comparison to the tiny animal it had ensnared. That’s because the creature was in fact a four-month-old kitten called Cookie. And it’s likely that she had given her family quite the scare when they had found her head jammed inside the wheel.

Image: David Edelstein

As for how she had ended up trapped in the first place? Well, apparently, the curious little kitty had been exploring her owner’s garage when she came across the spare tire. And, for some reason, the animal seemingly thought that it was a good idea to stick her head into the central hole of the wheel. It may not have taken long for Cookie to have realized her mistake, however.

Image: Arvind Thangli

But, by that point, it was much too late for Cookie to do anything: she had become completely wedged. Luckily for the little cat, though, her family had recognized the gravity of the situation and so transported her to Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center – the best place to help.

Image: Facebook/Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center

And after Cookie’s family had wheeled her into Pieper Memorial, the staff there were confident that they could indeed assist her. “Once I realized she’s only stuck her head through the tire on her own, being a silly kitten, then the situation became less frightening,” Ferguson revealed to The Dodo. “She wasn’t hurt at all – just stuck.”

Image: Pixabay

But, as it turned out, and even if she had seemingly found it simple to ensnare herself in the first place, the process of removing Cookie from the tire was a tricky one. Consequently, the vets were going to have to use some force to free the trapped kitten – a fact that didn’t go down too well with Cookie herself.

Image: Facebook/Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center

“Cookie was kind of stressed,” Ferguson would explain to The Dodo. “It’s what was making it so difficult to get her out of the tire.” However, despite the potential peril of her predicament, she was apparently otherwise unaffected. “I think she was doing pretty well considering,” Ferguson added.

Image: Facebook/Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center

Then, after some perseverance, the clinic’s staff managed to free Cookie from the wheel. And, remarkably, the kitten had escaped her adventure pretty much unscathed. “She was exhausted but otherwise completely unharmed,” Ferguson revealed.

Image: Mike

Cookie’s family may also have been pleased to hear that the wheel had remained undamaged after the rescue, and so that, too, was subsequently returned to them for safekeeping. Indeed, it was a happy ending all round. “Success stories like this one are so good for everyone involved,” Ferguson would later comment to The Dodo.

Image: Facebook/Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center

What’s more – and perhaps due to the uniqueness of Cookie’s situation – the veterinary center couldn’t resist posting about the kitten on its Facebook page. “Never a dull day at Pieper,” read the update from October 2017. “Meet little Cookie, a four-month-old kitten who was playing in the garage and decided to stick her head through a tire!”

Image: Facebook/Moriah Kimbrell

The message continued, “After trying everything they could to get her out, her family brought Cookie in to see us. Our team in the emergency room was able to quickly get her free from the tire rim. Now she’s resting from her exciting day. She’s going to be just fine!”

Image: Facebook/Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center

And, perhaps unsurprisingly, the post attracted quite a lot of attention among Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center’s more than 3,000 followers. Almost 700 people reacted to the story, for instance, while over 80 individuals left comments below the details of Cookie’s rescue. Lots of the messages sent the center’s way, moreover, praised the good work that the clinic carries out.

Image: Facebook/Pieper Memorial Veterinary Center

“One of the many, MANY reasons why I adore you guys! Thanks for coming to poor Cookie’s rescue,” read one of the gushing comments. Meanwhile, another Facebook user added, “Dr. Pieper was my vet and he took such good care of the animals. I am happy to see the continuing love. Keep up your fantastic work!”

Image: Pixabay

However, alongside the comments that commended the vets, at least one person was left bemused by how the kitten had gotten stuck. “Cats never cease to amaze me with their crazy antics,” they wrote. Another individual, meanwhile, made light of the situation by quipping, “Guess you could say she’s having a ‘Goodyear.’”

Image: Facebook/Moriah Kimbrell

Among the many messages, however, were a couple from Cookie’s owner Moriah Kimbrell. And she seemed astonished that her little kitty was so popular online. “That’s our cat Cookie,” she wrote. “Wow, she’s famous now, all because her curiosity got her head stuck.”

Image: Facebook/Will Royce

Kimbrell subsequently added that Cookie had been quick to recover from her ordeal. “She’s been playing all day since she got home,” she wrote. So, it seems that it will take more than a stuck head to cure this cat’s curiosity; it appears, though, as if her owner wouldn’t have it any other way.

SOURCE : scribol

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